Fury of the Fifth Angel

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The president of the United States faces some extremely difficult decisions at the White House regarding the threat of a severe meteorite storm bombarding the earth. The information must be taken seriously, as it was confirmed by Ben Cohen, one of the most respected astronomers the world has ever known. To make the president and his Cabinet’s matters worse, the popular Reverend Randall P. Davis from Wheeling, West Virginia, follows his own heart simply because the reverend has always reported to a higher authority than President Jameson Coleridge.


About Albert Hoffman and Chris Hoffman

Albert Hoffman and Chris Hoffman

This father-son coauthor combination is certainly unique and exciting for readers. They have both thoroughly appreciated working together on this book, and it shows throughout the story. They have both enjoyed long and successful careers in the electric utility industry and have had the opportunity to visit and/or work for many electric companies and organizations throughout the years.



Ben Cohen sat quietly, staring intently at the video readout of observations made by the Spacewatch CCD mosaic detector array the night before. He was waiting, somewhat less than patiently, for a tiny smudge to appear. In his mind and in his heart, he prayed the smudge would not be there, and he worried over it. He had done all the calculations over and over again, and he knew exactly where they should appear. He had told his associates at Kitt Peak National Observatory exactly the area to scan; now all he could do was wait.


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